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Dreams are made within. Then they are seen without. Welcome to the miraculous way to get your work and career dreams made true. Let me teach you how to remove every shadow that comes to depress your business goals, as you strip back the darkness that clouds the truth of Perfect Love that offers the happy dream of satisfaction, success and stillness.

"I saw an angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free."

- Michelangelo

You are the angel that Michelangelo is referring to. Not to the ego-self of lack, limitation, and lovelessness, but to the being of Perfect Love. Hidden within you is the angel of perfection. You must do as Michelangelo famously stated, carve until you move through the darkness to find the truth of light (Oneness). By following the process of FAITH to place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God, you will set your business dreams free and allow them to fly instead of falter. 

Truforgiveness Business™ is here to undo those shadows of sin that land upon your business dreams, as you mentally clean within to remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence. By extending love outwards, instead of projecting the guilt of sin that lands upon your work or career, you will correct the experience in the illusion of time. 

This is how I got my business dreams off the ground. I continued to 'forgive within' until all that was left was to extend the truth of Perfect Love, which offers abundance, success, happiness, joy, goodness, greatness, peace, purpose and positivity, etc. 


It is time to truly heal your business dreams, as you build your work & career from the place of Perfect Love within. Remove every barrier that stands in the way of the goodness of success you seek.

With Love


There is a whole new way to make those sales. As what is within is seen without. When you undo the lack within your mind, to find the truth of abundance, this is what you experience on the level of form. ABUNDANCE!

Lovely Service


Gone are the old marketing tricks that come to deceive, as you begin to serve your audience with love & loyalty, honesty & happiness, truth & trust, and goodness & grace. Simply by extending love. 

Love All


When you give up the guilt in your mind that seeks for ways to hurt you, miracles are made. Truforgiveness Business™ will remove the pain & punishment in your work and career, whilst offering divine guidance as well. 

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Market & Sell Your Knowledge

Truforgiveness Business™ is presented on an all-in-one business solution, Kajabi™. From website hosting & design, course creation, email marketing, tech support, etc. they have all the tools in one place to get you positively changing lives as you teach what you know, as you follow your dreams and being paid to do it. 

If you have knowledge to market & sell online, could Kajabi™ be for you?  I offer a free treasure map giftbook to see inside. 

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Hello, Beautiful!

My name is Tash and welcome to the way that I transformed being broken and unemployed to living the life of my dreams, as I discovered a way to build my castles in the sky. 

I always loved business. Since I was small I was dreaming about my career that would see me travel the world helping people. I had high hopes and dreams, yet as I battled through illness, my career couldn't connect. I struggled daily just to keep my head above water. I was in survival mode. 

Through the miracle of Truforgiveness, I have removed every obstacle in my way that kept me playing small. I learned how to truly heal and change my story in time. Do not allow my spiritual terminology from stopping you from truly healing your business dreams. 

Let me teach you the way to make your work, career or business dreams come true. Simply by withdrawing the shadows that you cast outwards from the misperception you are sinful and deserving of suffering. 

Below, I offer you a free treasure map giftbook to see if this true healing is for you. All that is asked is that you give up guilt, by truly forgiving everything you find within. Expect miracles, for The Treasure Map is the way that they are made. 

Otherwise, head to the 'Work Like Me' tab to gain access to the treasure maps I personally utilized to make my impossible business dream, possible. 

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, page3image52830752

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