"What you are being is what you have."

Tash McKenna

Traditionally, in business, you are taught to seek outside of yourself. Here, you will follow The Truforgiveness Way to undo the guilt inside that keeps you trapped to lack, loss, and lovelessness. To find the light within that grants the good and great dreams in time. When you be more you will have more. As being and having cannot be parted.


"I saw an angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free." -Michelangelo

You are the angel that Michelangelo is referring to. Hidden within you is the love of perfection. You must do as Michelangelo famously stated, dissolve the darkness that dims your light, which is what The Treasure Map offers.

You have the power within to make the impossible, possible, and The Truforgiveness Way is the path to the everything you seek...

The Creation of Truforgiveness Business

As I was building my own business, The Treasure Map, God came to me and told me to document all I was doing to secure my own work & career dream. Yes, Truforgiveness Business is the path that I followed to launch my dream into the world. Every treasure map giftbook and meditation on this site I have completed. For I simply dug within to remove the darkness that dimmed my light. When I reclaimed the wholeness of holiness, Perfect Love, goodness and grace was made welcome.

Find it within to have it without

When first preparing my work, I enrolled in an online business course, which I never completed. As I began to get ready to launch, with the material together, I decided to would go back to the online course that had helped so many others. The night before it recommenced I had a dream. In it, God told me to follow Him and no one else. And so I did. I trusted Him, continuing to clean within with Truforgiveness, until the sea parted and the good and great success was made known.

Truforgiveness Teachings

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