You will need to know how to draw up your treasure map to purify what you think from fear to love. Here, you will find out how.

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The Complete Goal

The goal of Truforgiveness Business is completion rather than competition. You see, you have what you are being. If you want more in your work or business then you need to be more. This refers to reclaiming the light of wholeness and holiness that is not limited by the belief in separation and sin. From the little self of can't, won't, unable to the true Self that is perfect, peaceful and powerful You will learn to make miracles your own.

A workbook is your multi-day Truforgiveness practice. Traditionally a 10 day practice for 30 to 60 minutes daily. As you gently chip away the guilt that conceals grace.

The Workbooks

A treasure map giftbook consists of a series of 30 questions to ensure you make the mind-correction from fear to love. Allow 90+ minutes to journal this treasure map.

The Giftbooks

A treasure map meditation includes a series of 30 questions for you to unknot the darkness within the subconscious to discover the light of Perfect Love. Also includes a transcript to journal.

Meditation & Transcript
The Workbooks

The Good Guide Within


Generally, you will have 6 questions to complete daily, for each of the set period, as you journal the 'I Forgive' principle which is what allows you to enter the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness. Every answer you seek can be found within. All you need do is to follow The Treasure Map, as she begins to uncover your light of perfection, peace and power. You will begin to find your true voice and build your work upon the platform of safety, security, stillness and success.

Truforgiveness Business

Building the Brand

I went through hell building The Treasure Map. I had no Plan B. If it did not succeed then that would be it. I was all in, in every way. Whatever problem I confronted I continued to mentally clean within. It was not easy, for I needed to dissolve the darkness within that would block my way.

The Giftbooks

From Fear to Love


The giftbook includes a series of 30 questions to ensure you do go mentally deep enough within to dissolve the entire barrier that keeps you stuck in suffering. Sometimes a giftbook can take me 3.5 hours to complete the journaling, but the release from fear is miraculous. The journaling of The Treasure Map is extremely powerful, so please respect this process of FAITH. If you truly seek to be great in business then you must find the truth of greatness within. You will then shine this without and the light of wholeness will not deny you your great dream in time.

Truforgiveness Business

Keep Going

If you truly seek success in business then you must keep going. Continuing to clean within with The Treasure Map listening to the guidance given from the right mind. I too had times when I wanted to quit, as my own journey was extremely difficult. Yet, I was given access to the right mind of peace and positivity. It would continue to motivate me to keep moving. Keep cleaning, even when it seemed I was going nowhere.

The Meditations

Eyes Open or Closed...

The Treasure Map Meditation is not about stilling the mind, but rather to mentally dive within the subconscious mind and cleaning out the barriers that conceal the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness. It is time to stop copying what has been done. And instead, clean up the darkness within that keeps you trapped to lack, loss, and limitation. Within the right mind is the true guidance for you. It is this voice you need listen to. No one else.

For those that also enjoy the journaling, the meditations also include a copy of the transcript (the set of 30 questions) so you can journal your map.

Truforgiveness Business

The Window

Let me teach you how to make miracles your own. You see, you have what you believe. For example, a window is not just a window. To someone filled with light of love, a window might be a new opportunity to be opened. To someone filled with the shadows of suffering, a window might be something you cannot open or see out of.