The Art of Truforgiveness

The perfection you seek belongs to the light of truth, Perfect Love, that is within you. If you can find this, you will extend love outwards and create such beauty the world needs to see.

How you behave and what you achieve are based upon what is written within. So when the shadows of not being good enough, or thinking you are unworthy or undeserving of a promotion, your function is to undo the limited thinking of the ego that seeks pain and punishment. To find the right mind that knows how truly worthy and deserving You are

You're the Artist of Your Dreams

Whether you paint your dreams with thoughts of positivity or negativity will be based upon what is hidden within. To change the brush strokes you must truly forgive the shadows of darkness that cover the truth of light to witness the business love you seek to know.

When you paint on a cracked canvas your picture will not be perfect. Look inward to make the background whole so that the picture will not suffer.

Paint Upon Wholeness
About Michaelangelo

Every thought you make paints your picture in time. Look within to see what is happening... is your thinking dark and depressing or light and loving?

Brush With Beauty
Paint in Perfection

To carve within is to clean within. To cut through the stone of separation that covers the truth of salvation that offers the happy dream in time; the light of Perfect Love

Clean Within
The Right Mind

About Michelangelo

Your Work Is Your Art

Michelangelo, the famous Italian artist from the 15th century, understood spiritual truth. Two of his more famous quotes: "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it," and "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."

The power is within you. You must seek to find it, as he suggests. And you do this with Truforgiveness.

You are worthy and deserving of success
God & Truforgiveness Business

You must carve within to set yourself free.

Do as Michelangelo spoke, and set yourself free. Free from the darkness of ego thinking which chains you to lack, loss, and lovelessness. You are to truly forgive those thoughts that keep you playing small to take your dreams to the top where there is no competition for you have escaped the bloody battleground.

  • Find the love of your work within and others will love it as well

  • As what is within is seen without, spend time cleaning within

  • Never forget, you are the angel that Michelangelo spoke of

Paint In Perfection

You Make What Is Within


You have the power to change the story of your life. I have clearly demonstrated that this is possible. I did as Michelangelo suggested, 'I carved until I set the angel free.' What does this mean? It means I truly forgave all the barriers that kept the truth of goodness and grace out of my awareness. There was a time when people would have said I would not have worked again. I remember telling someone that I wanted to build a business when I was still so unwell. It was scoffed at. I simply kept on cleaning within, which is to carve through the dark thought-forms of sin, guilt, and fear until my loving and kind dreams could no longer be denied.

I gave up the ego-mind of lack, loss, and limitation, that was broken, to find the right mind of peace and love that has access to the power of Perfect Love. By aligning my thinking with wholeness, I became light in time.

The Treasure Map Transformation
Your thoughts paint your picture in time.

The Treasure Map will change your life.

I promise, you start to truly forgive with the Truforgiveness of The Treasure Map and your picture in time begins to correct. You see without what is within. So when you mentally dig within and clean it up, you swap the nightmare for the happy dream in time. 

  • To build your business dreams is to remove the darkness that keeps it at bay

  • Truforgiveness unlocks the love to make your ideas fly

  • When you give up guilt you allow grace to be made known

Carve Within

Clean Within. Forgive Within.

The angel that Michelangelo was speaking of is within you. It is the light of truth and your function is to carve within, forgive within, clean within, until you find the light of love that will grant your dreams instead of your nightmare. If you are not waking up with pure joy to do the work that you are doing, you need to find the angel that denies not your happy desires. 

You see, those that are filled with self-hate or low self-esteem are consumed with darkness, that covers the light of love. This means they will seek ways to hurt and harm themselves, which might include doing a job that cannot stand. Each day they wake with dread to go somewhere they do not want to go. If this is you, start to truly forgive it all, and when you remove the darkness within you will discover the light of love. You will extend this outwards and you will eventually love what you do. As what is within is seen without!

When Dreams Come True - Tash McKenna
Undo fear to find love

Spend time undoing fear to find love.

Do not seek outwards to make your dreams come true. Go within to remove the guilt that seeks suffering and you will start to make your impossible dream, possible.

  • Do not quit on your dreams for you are worthy & deserving

  • It is fear that denies the success you seek

  • There are no guarantees but have FAITH in yourself and see where you are led

Design Your Right-Minded Career