The Workbooks...
Truforgiveness Body
The Workbooks...
Multi-Day Miracles


Allow 30+ minutes daily to find the love you seek within...

Each workbook includes a PDF download granting you a chance to clean out the fear that keeps you stuck in littleness, lack, and lovelessness


Completion versus Competition
10 Day Workbook

Find the light within to run your own race and not the ego's idea of lack, loss, & limitation



Healing Government
10 Day Workbook

Heal your relationship with the government to move from pained to peace and hindered to helped



The Arts
10 Day Workbook

Clean up your performance, theatre, microphone, audience & more to shine bright



Vision Board
10 Day Workbook

Before you create your work vision you must change your mind from the wrong to the right

The Workbooks

The workbooks run for a set number of days. Offering you a few maps to draw up to dissolve the darkness that covers your light. As well as offering a chance to discover right-minded revelation. Ideally, allow for 30+ minutes to journal the 'I Forgive' principle daily. Whatever guidance the inner voice grants.

Truforgiveness Teaching

You are the angel concealed within the marble of sin, guilt, and fear. When you come to see your true function is to dissolve the darkness to find the light you are happy to utilize the 'I Forgive' principle until you reclaim the right mind of revelation. The mind that is still in constant communication with God. Where you have more because you be more, Perfect Love.

The light within denies you not your good and great dream in time. So clean up the fear to find love and be released from the nightmare into the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening.

The Treasure Map is a path to awakening so always listen to the inner voice to guide the pace. So the journey from dark to light does not induce more terror.


True vision belongs to the light of the right mind that knows and does not perceieve


The light of Perfect Love - your being - could never fail or falter for it is free from the shadows of suffering


The wrong mind of ego thinking imprisons and punishes by its thought system. It is this you must escape

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