The Working Meditations

You must learn to shift your mind from the little self of ego-identification to locate the right mind of peace, love and power hidden deep within. When you find this truth of wholeness you will find the happiness and true healing that you seek. For everything you need is inside. You just needed a treasure map to shine the way.

The Good Work Treasure Map
Empowered Work
The Slave Labor Treasure Map
Great Work
The Work Treasure Map
Work Day
The Work Treasure Map
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To Forgive Within... with Truforgiveness

If you want to do something with your life and to be someone, then you must locate the right mind that knows wholeness. From here, you will swap problems for peace and build upon the rock of Perfect Love that is safe and secure it allows your dreams to be made instead of your nightmare. 

Become vigilant to purify your thinking with the Truforgiveness of The Treasure Map and you will make miracles your own. The key is to not get caught in the darkness. So, if you should stumble upon an iceberg of guilt you simply continue to truly forgive it, until all the darkness has been dissolved and only love remains. From here, the success you seek will be known, as this truth of Perfect Love will then extend outward and illuminate your world in time.