The Truforgiveness Business School

If you want to follow the path of FAITH that I have used to make my business dreams true, then stay connected as to when Truforgiveness Business opens each year.
Hint → January!

Oh, everything you need to know can be found below.

The Foundations

Each month a new module will unlock as you remove the fear in your mind that keeps you trapped to lack, loss, and limitation. For hidden deep within you is the right mind of peace and love, and when you build your business upon the rock of Perfect Love the goodness of grace will be granted to you.

Truforgiveness P's

Module 1:
Get clear on where you want to go and with whom, as you work through cleaning up your Truforgiveness P's. This gentle introduction will connect you with your truth within.
Maps: People, Protection, Passion, Power, Privacy, Problem, Punishment, Price, Parasites, Purpose.

Truforgiveness Communication

Module 2:
Work on your communication skills, both verbal and written. Remove the fear of public speaking and start to access the right mind to communicate with love and not fear. 
Maps: This module includes double the fun, as some will need to clean up their speaking whilst some will need to clean up their written word. 


Truforgiveness Time Management

Module 3:
Time is what you make of it. In this module you will let go of time wasters and get to know what you truly want to do with your time. You decide how time moves for you and here you can correct the way.
Maps: Time Management, Beliefs, Make The Most Of, Wasting Time, Happy Time, Payment for Time, Value, Enough Time, Great Time, Transformation of Time.

Truforgiveness P's

Module 4:
Before you make money you need to tend to those business leaks. To set up a solid foundation in which to build your financial dreams upon.
Maps: Loss, Lack, Leaks, Denied, Energy, Rejection, Jealousy, Theft, Buried, Building.

Truforgiveness P's

Module 5:
Find your footing in the right mind that knows love and not fear as you build your business dreams upon the rock and not the sand.
Maps: Esteem, Worth, Belief, Love, Trust, Confidence, Control, Awareness, Initiative, Knowledge.

Truforgiveness P's

Module 6:
Move to the light and lovely side of the lessons in time as you solidify the gains from the past 5 modules to see what you have found.
Maps: Happiness, Goodness, Grace, Enjoyment, Awakening, Appreciation, Valued, Praise, Achievement, Success.

What You Will Find Within!

When you undo fear to find love miracles are made...

Find Your Right Mind & Make Miracles

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If you want to undo the fear that keeps you playing small to find the right mind that knows you are everything, not nothing, then come into Truforgiveness Business and change your work story in time.