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Sit in Your Light

lighthouse miracles miraculous marketing Jul 15, 2021
Truforgiveness Lighthouse

Truforgiveness Business is no ego-orientated marketing. In the past, you have been taught to get out there and be noticed. And, I will tell you the truth, this has been an interesting learning curve for myself and one that my spiritual guidance has continued to correct.

Yes, I admit, I have dabbled in traditional marketing.

I have listened to others as they told me to push to get my message out into the world. At times, I agreed with them, even though I could clearly hear my inner voice say, 'I am not ready.' Whilst I built the online business I did try my hand at marketing the old-fashioned way. I did a few Facebook ads, with not much luck. I knocked on a few people's doors that I felt could use a miracle, with a lot of rejection. The good thing though is that I continued to 'forgive within' whenever I encountered darkness.

Until last night, when I was in my nightly dream state I received the message, "Sit in your light and see what happens." But what exactly does this mean and what does it have to do with Truforgiveness Business?

Whilst Truforgiveness is here to completely transform the way we think and operate, for me, it is not only my baby but my business as well. This means that I need to find ways to sustain it. Yes, I have struggled with this, I have had days and nights when I was feeding the business and not myself. Yet, I truly would forgive it all, knowing that by removing the darkness that was in my mind the truth of Perfect Love would one day make itself known. It is the Oneness of Perfect Love that knows no lack, limitation, or lovelessness and this has been my goal. Find the safety and the security in the truth of the wholeness and holiness and I would witness to the happy dream of success for my baby business that is born from the light of truth and trust.

I have had to go through the darkness within to uncover the light that extends outward and protects the business in a blessing so rich that it cannot be forgotten.

This work has not been an overnight success story. It was in 1982 when God first visited me and told me, "My Precious Child. Please do not be afraid for one day in your twenties you will understand." The twenties are finally here and I have the map to miracles that will lead us out of the nightmare that we have made in our mind and take us back to the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening.

I think back to those years when I was at university. I was given some psychic guidance as I visited a fortune-teller spontaneously. She questioned why I was studied marketing when it was not what I was here to do? I knew I was going the wrong way at the time but I felt powerless to stop it. Finally, she added, "One day you will be able to draw on this knowledge for what you have been born to do." And she has been right. 

If you are struggling with your work, career, or business, continue to truly forgive it all, each and every night. By giving up the guilt within, it allows you to know grace. You will then be guided to work that you love and adore but trust how the picture begins to correct, sometimes it gets darker before it gets better. But it will be worth it. 

As I moved through the steps of trying to get my career off the ground, I would often hear my spiritual guide tell me that they needed to show me different parts of a business - which was why I was contracting and being moved around - as one day I would have my own. I often laughed at this suggestion. For this was at a time that I was struggling to keep myself afloat. Yet now, after all these years, the truth of the words have been manifest into form. How have I done it? I have truly forgiven everything that came to keep the truth of Perfect Love from my awareness. This dream of Truforgiveness does not come from the ego-mind that is steeped in sin, guilt, and fear. Learn to get the ego out of the way, for the ego is the maker of the littleness you face. Get it out of the way by the miracle of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness and you will reclaim the everything that You are in truth, and scale those mountains that others tell you are impossible. 

To sit in the light is to truly forgive every shadow that gets cast. Come into Truforgiveness Business with me and build your dream instead of your nightmare. By redesigning your right-minded dream from within which you will then see without. 

I walk before you showing you the way. When you stumble across Truforgiveness know that it came to you because I continued to remove the separating thoughts that kept us apart. If you want to get closer to your clients & customers, clean within so that the picture in time sparkles and shines the way that you deserve it. Even if you are not looking to build a business or brand, learn to apply Truforgiveness to your work or career and you will not only become happier with what you do, but you too will become the lighthouse of love that succeeds in the ways of success.

Gone are the old ways of marketing where you try to convince another to purchase from you. Find the peace of Perfect Love within and the idea of lack will dissolve from your mind as you miraculously market truth and trust by extending the wholeness of love that failure cannot be known.

Where are you stuck in your work, career or business? What is the block to the blessing you seek? Begin to withdraw the shadows that keep you stuck, for love lifts you above the fear you face.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,