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Rejection Reward

business success leadership rejection Nov 23, 2021
Rejection Reward

As you build your business dreams, do not be defined by what another thinks of you. If you get a "no," do not take this personally. Instead, undo the darkness you see without to start to locate the truth of love within that knows not of lack, loss, or limitation.

When you find the truth of Perfect Love within you will not be rejected for it is so complete that you will know the light side of your lessons: success, joy, happiness, trust, greatness, etc. 

Think back on the times that you have been rejected. Have you allowed this lesson to minimize who you are? Did you believe that you were not good enough for that which you wanted? Whatever you feel about rejection is what you must truly forgive to free. And just because these doors did not open for you does not mean that you were rejected. It simply means it was the wrong door for you or the wrong time. You must knock on each door until one opens, the right door, and see where you are led. Every time you are taken down a dark dead end, simply forgive within; undo the fear in your mind until you find the path that leads to the dreams you seek.

If you get stuck in the darkness and bury it within, you will not see your business dreams succeed as you will be so heavy with fear that you are not light enough to fly.

Take 30 minutes now to write down who has rejected you in business. Make a list of all that comes to mind and start to clean within to find the love you think you have lost.

I cannot tell you how much rejection I have experienced in business. It has been excessive to say the least. In the early years, when I did not know how to handle it I hid it within, until I started to fear the failure I seemed to be moving through. When I learned to clean within with Truforgiveness I started to reclaim my light which is uplifting and offers you wings to fly.

With every rejection you receive do not take it to heart from this point on. Know that it is a chance for you to uncover your light for the goodness is concealed behind the guilt, and you will make a ladder that leads to the top. Here, there is less competition for it takes power to climb. How do you gain your power? You find the truth of completion within that is the foundation of Perfect Love. Where there are no cracks of confusion for you to fall through.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,