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Effective Leadership

business success direction leadership Sep 19, 2021
Effective Leadership

There is a new way to lead and that is to correct what you hide within to change the story without. For too long, judgment has been a driving force in managing people. It is time to let go of judgment and attack and to remove the darkness you see in those you lead to allow the truth of light to lift you both.

You can be a great leader by continuing to undo the darkness you see to extend the truth of light that is Perfect Love.

What does this mean for managers or business owners? It means you stop complaining about those you work with. You start to 'forgive within' that which you have a problem with. This way, you undo the darkness within the mind and stop the limited thinking of ego-identification that seeks the ways of sickness and suffering.

If you seek to have great staff then clean within, accessing the truth of greatness inside. You then extend this without and shine this light upon those you lead. As what is within is seen without.

If you want to make your business healthy, start to withdraw the shadows of darkness that conceal the truth of light that knows not of lack, loss, or limitation. You will shine as an effective leader, as you lift others up as you go. Forming a interlocking chain that connects in light and love, respect and reward, goodness and grace, safety and success, and happiness and health.

Of course, if the inner voice guides you to speak directly with someone, then do this, and let them know what needs to be corrected. Do not speak down to them, but offer this guidance from the right mind that knows you are the same, not different.

Effective leadership starts with you, by undoing the darkness within so that you extend light that lifts and does not lower.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,