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Deceitful Scam

lesson the treasure map true healing Aug 14, 2023
Deceitful Scam

This morning my body was shaking. When I realised that I had been taken advantage of....

A few weeks ago I purchased a new Dyson vacuum, as such, I needed to offload the one I still had. I reached out to a local marketplace and soon I had people contacting me. I held the item for four days for a lovely young lady. When she arrived she seemed so sweet. We got along. She then asked to pay less than the agreed amount (the machine was in great condition). "Okay," I replied. I had also told her that she did not need to take the vacuum if she did not want to... "There is no pressure."

Around a week later I heard back from her. The vacuum doesn't work properly and she would like to get her money back. "Sure," I say once more, even though the marketplace does not work this way. There were others interested in the vacuum so it would not be hard to contact someone else. She told me that she would come on the weekend once more.

Her partner arrived. He was holding the Dyson strangely, and when he gave it to me, he accidentally pressed the power button and it came on. I remember thinking, "She just did not want it as it obviously works fine." And so I did not say anything. I took the carpet cleaner, returned him the money and went on with my day.

This morning I decided to test the vacuum with a run through the house. Wanting to see if it worked or not. As I picked it up I noticed what she had done. She had broken the filter. Put her finger through the barrel and broken it wide open. I was angry. I then utilized the Dyson to clean the floors. There was no issue, it worked perfectly. I was now shaking. She had shattered the machine - the aesthetics - and then returned it to me.

I got back in contact with her. I was furious. I said she should return the money and take back the vacuum; to be honest and ethical. She blocked me. Now I was steaming. I could not work. I needed to address what was happening within me. And so, I went within, with The Treasure Map to see what was going on . To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I had been so worked up with annoyance.

A scam is a shadow of deceit, part of the misperception we are deceived in who we are. Believing ourselves to be the sinful separated and not the Child of God that we are in truth: Perfect, peaceful and powerful. If you seek to be successful in business you must let go of the small self (wrong mind of ego thinking) to find the right mind that knows wholeness and holiness.

I was too trusting and too kind. The ego was eating me up. I needed to learn to trust the right people and not the wrong ones. This was my lesson right now. As I continued to 'forgive within' I received divine guidance, 'Do not seek revenge. Now or ever.' 

I was being told to truly forgive it. To undo the need to be taken advantage of that is within me still. You see, a few weeks ago I ran an online course on healing relationships with men. For I was having issues of being taken advantage of by them. This event was an answer to my prayers that had been made. It was not about men. It was about 'bad people' and 'being taken advantage of' that I needed to address within me.

The cause is not without. It is always within. So whatever comes to hurt allow it to truly heal, as you undo the fear to find love, Perfect Love.  For the right mind knows wholeness, holiness and happiness, where you cannot be harmed.

I now have a broken vacuum cleaner and a little less trust in whom I can believe. But I have a healthy lesson. I cannot trust everyone, for some are asleep in the ego-mind and it is the ego that is deceitful and dark. I must be aware, as much as I can be. To help those in their right minds that are worthy and deserving of the true healing of God. The others can wait for another to lift them up.

It is a gift to be lifted up by God, and The Treasure Map. It is not for everyone right now, but will be by the end of time. If you find yourself here, be grateful that God has you in His sights. For His map to miracles is simply amazing.

I also learned something else. Those ego scams that move around are part of the shadow of deceit. Where we are deceived in who we are, believing we are the separate self of sin, guilt, and fear and not the Self of Perfect Love that is whole, holy and happy.

If you find yourself involved in a deceitful scam, truly forgive it to undo the darkness to find love. For in the light within you cannot be hurt nor harmed. No matter the story of separation that spins. And if you are running a deceitful scam, you will be making more bad debts for yourself that will have to be addressed at another time.

It is only the ego that could ever be deceitful so be careful of allowing your ego to hurt another. For in the end, it is only yourself you can harm.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,