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direction miracles true healing Nov 01, 2023

You must take the time to clean up your work. To dissolve the darkness that keeps the light within, what you make in time, concealed. For the greater the light you be, the more greatness you will have.

Many years ago, long before the birth of The Treasure Map, I read an article about a New York Times Best Selling Author. They had said that they continued to forgive what they had written. It was this that gave their book wings to fly out into the world. Well, not exactly this, but something like it. I remember thinking, when I was in my mid-twenties, 'How can I forgive my work and get it off the ground?' For no one had taught me how to forgive. 

I then put these thoughts out of my mind and continued on with my life. And now, this is what I do. At the time of this post, I am finalizing The Treasure Map. Getting her ready to launch to the world. My days are spent truly forgiving all I have done by following the FAITH of God (how you truly forgive to change your thinking from the wrong mind to the right). For I am seeking to locate the light of wholeness - that is perfect, peaceful and powerful - and to shine it upon that which I have made. Yes, I am currently spending my days 'forgiving within' The Treasure Map. Following the giftbooks and meditations on this site to get her into your hands. Not just your hands, but the hands of the world. For one day, she will change what you see in time. Assisting to guide everyone through the darkness within to remember the light that is our truth. This is how you will become enlightened and ultimately wake.

By reclaiming the truth of Perfect Love you will not be denied your greatness. For it is the guilt within, that you project upon your work, not good enough, unworthy, undeserving, etc., that see you stuck in the shadows of suffering.

If you want your work to be great, then start to clean it up from within. As you get CLEAR.

Completion – What do you need to complete your goal?
Love – What do you love about this goal?
Enlightenment – What is the light you will shine without?
Assistance – What help do you need? What help do you have to give?
Revelation – What is being revealed within the right mind?

To follow the path of truth & trust is to first follow the FAITH of God, to change your mind from the wrong to the right. Then, from the right mind you will find your true voice and allow this light of wholeness, holiness and happiness to shine bright. For You are everything, not nothing. 

Be everything God created You to be: Perfect, peaceful and powerful. By dissolving the darkness that keeps your work hidden from the world.

So watch this space and see what happens. As I clean up The Treasure Map to shine the light of God into the world.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,