The Beginning

Ever since I was a little girl I was daydreaming of the work I was born to do. I had this inner knowing that my life would not truly start until then. I often dreamed I was traveling the world helping people and animals. And as I went deeper into darkness, God had to show me the way within that leads within.

From the wrong mind to the right...

I first utilized The Treasure Map to heal myself. Then it came time to teach others this tool to transform. I started to apply the miracle of the maps to the business I was creating. This was when God came to me and told me to document the path of true healing in work. This was how Truforgiveness Business was born.

The Team
God is

The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle was a gift given by God to assist the undoing of suffering and to return to the truth of salvation: Perfect Love.

God, Oneness
The Treasure Map

Without the intercession of The Treasure Map, miracles would not be made. It is Truforgiveness that undoes the guilt within which is what seeks the ways of pain & problems. 

The Treasure Map
Tash McKenna

I am the mother of Truforgiveness. Here to teach the way out of the dark and into the light. By purifying your thinking within you allow the happy dream in time to be played.

Tash McKenna
The Father of Perfect Love

The Treasure Map is a gift from God. It was also His idea to start Truforgiveness Business. To teach others to remove the dark shadows that fall upon their work, career or business dreams. You see, what is not working for you is what you are being asked to truly forgive to free. Yet, the ego teaches a course in judgment and attack, which keeps you bound to the lessons of suffering. Hidden within each lesson of failure is the love of success. If you become vigilant to truly forgive each shadow you will eventually find the truth of light that will take your work, career or business to heights the ego-mind could not have even conceived as possible.

God is Perfect Love and when you follow Truforgiveness you will meet God via revelation and not ego interpretation. It is how you build your work upon the rock of Perfect Love and access the divine power of wholeness and holiness to change the world in wonderful ways.

A huge gratitude of love and appreciation to God, for it is His gift of FAITH that is how you complete The Treasure Map.

Find love within & you will receive the business success you dream of.

When you find the right mind of peace and love you will know the true perfection of God. He comes in the Oneness of Holiness where there is no separation. A love so complete that fear cannot enter. When you meet God, you will meet Yourself, for there is no separation in truth. And when you find the truth of love within you learn about the light side of the lessons in time that include wealth, health, happiness, success, prosperity, good luck, abundance, blessings, etc. 

God is
Truly Forgive to Transform

If you want to change your work, career or business story in time, start to remove the shadows that make this part of your life dark instead of delightful. How do you forgive the way that God has granted? You follow the process of FAITH, by digging with the 'I Forgive' principle to undo the fear to find love. When you give up the darkness within you will rise to the top, as love lifts, it is fear that does not.

Become vigilant to truly forgive every shadow of suffering that lands upon your purpose in time and as you transform from the wrong mind to the right the picture without will correct accordingly. Honestly, you must learn to clean within to dissolve the darkness that covers your being Perfect Love. When you find this truth within you will not fail, for you will be granted access to the power and purpose of Oneness; wholeness and holiness.

The Treasure Map will change your life.

I promise, you start to truly forgive with the Truforgiveness of The Treasure Map and your picture in time will begin to correct. You see without what is within, so when you mentally dig within and clean it up, you swap the nightmare for the happy dream in time. 

Slowly and gently purify your thinking from fear to love, and as you become right-minded you will remember the Self that is perfect, peaceful and powerful and rise to the top, instead of fighting for scraps on the ego battlefield.

God is
When Dreams Come True

From a young age, I was dreaming about my career. I was waiting for the day to arrive for the work I was born to do. I had no idea it would take so many decades. But good things take time, just as The Treasure Map teaches. For you must remove the guilt within your mind that seeks the ways of suffering, to fly instead of falter.

My dreams came true because I did not quit. I made a decision many years ago that I would make it or I would at least die trying. I cannot tell you how many dead-ends I have moved through that simply said 'It is not possible.' I kept on truly forgiving every barrier until there was nothing left standing in my way.

The journey has not been easy, but it was simple. Be grateful for the good and truly forgive the bad. For hidden behind every failure was the success I was seeking. And when I began to build in light and love I knew my dreams would fly. For the ego is no match for the truth of Oneness within we each have access to, when we find the right mind that leads to out perfect, peaceful, powerful Self.

In 2007 I lost everything.

I had to be broken beyond belief to know what a miracle Truforgiveness is. I never thought that healing would happen. Whilst I utilized it for my health, God then guided me to use it for my business dreams. He came to me one day and said, "When you find the truth of Perfect Love within, your business will not be denied." You see, love is whole it can have nothing oppose it. And so this is what I did. When every door kept being closed, I truly forgave then all, until there were no more doors of darkness to open, for I had found the Oneness of Perfect Love that offers the happy dream in time. I then extended this outwards and whilst it might have seemed like an overnight success, this was far from the case.

God is
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