Find it Within to Have it Without

Stop chasing outwards for love, peace, purpose, success, wealth & joy. As it is the thoughts you think within that paint the story you move through. By the miracle of The Treasure Map, you will remove every barrier to the awareness of love's presence. Allowing you to extend love as you witness to the happy dream that is pleasurable and not punishing.

The Answers You Seek Can be Found Deep Within 

Allow the miracle of T3M to guide you deep within to your true Self. Follow your passion and be paid well to do it. As this is what happens to the innocent Mind. Do not fear what is ahead, for here you will learn how to undo the past in the present & release your future from suffering. One Truforgiveness opportunity at a time. As you mentally clean within your outward picture sparkles and shines.  

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Are you ready to change the world? Wanting God to guide you instead of the ego? Tired of playing small and listening to the doubtful voice of not good enough, not wise enough, or not worthy and deserving? Too many no's! It is time to say Yes!

God needs you and He will help to guide you in the ways that serve others, make a difference and be paid as you move through the dream of time. God does not pay any attention to your illusions of sin, guilt, and fear, but he does offer you a path to peace that leads out of the nightmare of separation and into awakening to Perfect Love, where the happy dream can be found. It will make you so joyful, for finally you will be truly healing the cause: some aspect of the belief you are deserving of punishment!

When you give up this guilt within, from the mistaken belief you are sinful of separating from Source, you move from the nightmare into the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening. Not only will it transform your picture in time, but will offer divine guidance as to what to do. Hidden within you is the truth of your holy Self: perfect, peaceful and powerful. Everything you want to create will extend from the Perfect Love that is hidden within, underneath the darkness the ego tells you to run from. 

Let The Treasure Map transform your business, one Truforgiveness opportunity at a time, as you remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence within.

When you radiate this love outwards, your business will shine in ways you could not have imagined, for you have removed the veil of guilt that makes your dream dark instead of delightful. Remember, you are the dreamer of the dream, the world is not doing anything to you, for what you see without is what you think within. 

It is time to clean within to make your business beautiful instead of burdensome. Here you will find the ways that I built up my own business, however, what works for one does not mean it is right for another.

Most of all, listen to the inner voice for this is your compass to completion.  

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