Your 12-month Truforgiveness Business Course that will alter the path you were set to follow

Whilst traditional business courses offer you a path to follow, Truforgiveness Business is different, as it will simply remove the darkness that clouds your vision. This allows you to hear the inner voice that knows the best path you are to follow. By freeing you from fear you will learn how to fly as you undo those ego-limitations of not good enough, not worthy, and not deserving to know how truly miraculous you are. Let's make those castles in the sky that seem impossible to you now. 

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In this 12-month online business course, you wil have a chance to truly heal within, which will correct what you project outwards. Even if you think an aspect of this course is not relevant to you, The Treasure Map will find a way to turn darkness into delight. By the time you finish this year-long adventure into the dark to uncover the truth of Perfect Love, miracles will have been made. 

The 12 Modules


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Business Basics

As you move into Truforgiveness Business, this module is setting up the direction that you will take with your business. It will help to clarify your message, be seen & heard in a saturated market, dissolve business fear and give you a good footing to venture into the unknown, allowing you to do it with grace instead of guilt.

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Happy Clients

Whether you have dark & difficult clients, or they are demanding & depressing, the cause can be found within you. As what is seen without projects from within. This is a universal truth, you are doing all of this to yourself. You want to have an abundance of beautiful clients that love, adore, respect & trust you. 

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Website Design

If you have an online presence, you need to dream up the right home for it. Who will host it? What will you offer? What is the message that you will deliver through it? How does it make you feel? Put your best foot forward by undoing the limited thinking of the ego and 'think big' for the voice of Oneness does not play small. 

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What do you need to have to get your business booming? Do you need a new computer, microphone, an upgrade in software or a strong sense of inner power? How do you protect your online presence? What are the tools that you do not know about? Whatever your business needs to stay safe & secure will be addressed in this module. 

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The Health of Business

What is within projects outwards, thus, your business reflects what is going on within you. If you want it to be healthy, then you need to be healthy as well. The true cause of any type of sickness can be traced back to the belief you are no longer whole - Perfect Love - and in this module you will remove those shadows of illness that make it sick. 

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Ethical Marketing

There is a whole new way to market your products/services and that is to extend love, instead of projecting the guilt of sin. When you know that you have something that will benefit others and you remove the barriers of separation, miracles happen. The love within will draw others to you, without any need for deception.

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Honest Sales

There is no need to use tricks or deceitful tactics to make sales, for the customer will purchase based upon the pull of love, not the problem of fear. You do not want to make a sale that is out of alignment with your truth, so you are honest and authentic with what you are selling, for you are here to serve others, not make them suffer. 

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Business Shadows

What area of your business is struggling? Where are your pain points? What does it lack? In this module you will dive into what is hurting your business and remove the shadows that make it depressing for you instead of delightful. The more shadows you remove the better the chance of success you will have.

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Joy Filled Business

The more you love your business, the more others will as well. What you see without is what is buried within you, so if customers and clients are not loving what you are providing, they are merely showing you what you do not love about yourself. The more you 'forgive within', the prettier the without will be.

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Presenting Business

You are the face of your brand/business, so how you present yourself will be of importance. Do you walk your talk? Do you mean what you say? Do you make others feel confident & comfortable? Are you a strong speaker with conviction in your voice? What do you want to present? How will you do this? 

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Fearless Financials

When you undo the guilt within you get to experience grace, which is abundant in all good. The financial issues that your business faces is simply part of these shadows of the sin of separation that seek for ways to suffer. Truly forgive the finances to become free from suffering to know the salvation the innocent mind accepts. 

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Successful Business

What does success in business look like for you? Is it that your message is being received by the world? Or you are making a comfortable living? Perhaps it is peace of mind that you are doing good with your life and helping others? Whatever success is for you, this module will help you to get clear on what this looks like.

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