The Marketing of Sameness

I strived to build a career in marketing, never reaching my goal. I often complained that it was a means to deceive, for this was how I saw it. The deception was within me, part of the struggle of ego-identification. Undo the separate self to find the true Self (Oneness of Perfect Love) and you will build in wholeness, where there can be no lack, lovelessness, or limitation.

True Healing of Business
I wish I could tell you that I was successful in business before the birth of The Treasure Map, but success seemed to elude me. My head wanted a business career, my heart wanted something more meaningful, as well as a man that lived on the other side of the world.

I was pulled in different directions all the time. Often saying one thing and doing another. I was struggling to keep my head above water, with the amount of emotional pain that I was in. It was a mental race to put one foot in front of the other, as well as my battles with illness, life was a constant struggle.

Yet ever since I was a small child, I had been dreaming of my career. That and a beautiful house on the water. These were my two childhood daydreams. I never ached for the partner and the children as I was focused on doing the work that I came here to do. 

I remember, not long before I was forced into the spiritual retreat with illness, when I was confined to the house day and night, practically, for the 13-years that it took to birth The Treasure Map into consciousness, that I had a pivotal moment when knowingness came to greet. I was walking through a popular city in Greece late at night on my own. I should have been happy. I was with the man that I adored and he could offer me everything that a woman would want. He loved me and was in a position to take care of me. But, it was not part of my childhood dream to get married and have a man support me. I felt a sadness engulf me as I looked up at the beautiful buildings that seemed to whisper in unison that I was in the wrong place. I had the thought, 'This is not my dream. I dreamed of traveling the world with my work and helping people.'

Considering the position that I was in at this time, my dreams to change the world would seem impossible. As I mentioned, I was barely keeping my head above water, crying every day due to the intensity of the emotional pain and I should have jumped at having the good fortune of the man that I loved taking care of me. Yet, it made me sad inside. What I could not see, was that the man was about to let me go after almost a decade of partnership, and I would receive the opportunity to follow my childhood dream. It was gut-wrenchingly painful at the time, and I would not have had the courage myself to walk away from him. The gift that he gave to me when he did was incredible. I mean, if he had stayed, I would not have been forced to find a way out of my darkness and into the light. Thanks to him, I was free to confront that darkness hidden within me. I would one day change the world by ushering in the correct way that one forgives, which is called Truforgiveness. And, it makes miracles happen.

What I have learned is that you do not need to struggle.

Struggle belongs to the ego-mind and when you learn to remove the darkness that is within you, you stop projecting it out and making your dream dark instead of delightful.

Your function is to simply continue to remove every seeming obstacle that stands in your way, by withdrawing the projection of blame that you place upon another. Whether you are unemployed, hating your job, feel underpaid, berated by your boss, struggling with sales, or making mistake after mistake, the fault lies within you. Let me teach you how to remove this call for punishment that lands upon your business goals and you will swap the nightmare for the happy dream that is satisfyingly successful and gorgeously graceful.

I know what it is like to wake up each day, roll out of bed and drag yourself to a job you hate. This is just part of the call for punishment within. I work incredibly hard on my business baby, yet each moment I have with her is a joy to me. It makes me happy, as I can hear the inner voice - my true voice - and I have found my purpose.

You do not need to be lost with no direction, deceptive and deceitful to snag the role you want, the client you need, or the sale to provide you with the security you crave. As I said, what is within projects outwards. And the more you function from the ego-mind of sin, guilt, and fear the harder the path in the illusion of time you shall face.

Hidden deep within you is the wholeness of Perfect Love that is perfect, peaceful, and powerful. It is from this place of sameness that I created The Treasure Map. I have run into so many obstacles birthing this map to miracles into consciousness. I have had people mock, ignore, reject, and hate me and this work. However, whenever a shadow seemed to appear, I would 'forgive within', knowing it to be a gift of grace if used correctly. By continuing to remove the darkness from my mind, it allowed me to find the truth of Perfect Love that is built upon the rock of stability, security and safety. No longer am I seeking validation externally, as everything good comes from within. By extending this love outwards I get to enjoy the happy dream that is granted as I follow the path of my deepest desires.

If business tactics in the past were to get as many sales as what you could, by stretching the truth somewhat, this new business model is about removing the fear that is in your mind, restoring thinking to peace and love. It is a win-win situation for yourself and your clients/customers. Allow the truth of Perfect Love to gift you with those business dreams of grace and not guilt. Continue to remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence and you will not only correct the picture in time that you face but be offered divine guidance for each step you are to take.

The picture painted in time is colored by the thoughts you think within. Undo the darkness the distorts true perception and your script will adjust accordingly as well.

I have done this. I know it works. I also started much lower than you. Without a drop of self-love, I had become that broken. All that I have done was to continue to 'forgive within' which allowed me to step out of hell and guided me to Heaven - a state of Oneness with Perfect Love. This is true healing and this is how you will heal your work, career, or business. Truly heal yourself, by removing the veil of guilt that clouds your vision and miracles will be made.

This new way to do business is to look within. Find the perfection that has been hidden from you, by dissolving the darkness that covers the truth of delight. As what is within projects outwards, you continue to clean up the mess that is in your own mind, until you are happy with the picture you have painted. Thus, there is no longer any blame, for you are the dreamer of the dream. If you do not like the chapter you are playing with your work and business now, start removing the guilt within that seeks for ways to hurt you and allow the truth of grace to heal you. One Truforgiveness opportunity at a time. 

In essence, you are going to do things differently. You are not solely going to seek outward for clients or customers to fill the void within the business. You are going to be overflowing with goodness that clients will be attracted to what it is you have to offer that will assist their dream in being delightful. 

Come into Truforgiveness Business™, utilizing the mind-correction from fear to love that is The Treasure Map (T3M) and change your business path in time. Climb to the top, for the world needs leaders who are ready lift others up as well. You were created as an extension of the Perfect Love of God. You are great, in the humblest of ways; stand in your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self and illuminate the world with your innocent Mind. Do not be content to play small by the ego rules that deem lack, limitation, and lovelessness to be a truth. Greatness is calling for you, will you be courageous enough to accept? Will you be strong enough to listen to the inner voice that wills you happiness, not hollowness? I hope so. I promise, this side is so much better. Punishment is completely overrated!

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