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It is the belief in separation that offers you every pain/problem that you seem to face in business. The more barriers to the awareness of love's presence within that you remove, the more successful you shall become. As you build upon the rock of Perfect Love that grants your dreams instead of nightmares. 

As the world of form is the outward expression of an inward condition, what you seem to experience is of your own making. The more sin, guilt, and fear you have hidden within, the darker the script in time you shall face. It is the guilt within that calls for the punishment you experience, even with those work & career problems you struggle with. 

Everything in the world of form has shades of dark and light, for this is the dream of duality, where opposites seem true. If the shadows of sin project out onto your business, then this part of the dream will be dark indeed for you. For example, you might have money in your business, but it could be difficult to keep, hard to chase up, working overtime to get ahead and so much more. Then you have the light side of money, where your clients/customers love you and are happy to pay you, they do not complain about price for you overdeliver, or whatever you touch turns to gold. However, the projection comes from you, so you want to extend love instead of projecting the guilt of sin. Whenever darkness appears in your work or career, 'forgive within' to remove the veil that distorts the truth of love. 

There is only thought and each thought the ego has made stems from some aspect of the belief in the sin of separation. The more you undo this, by cleaning within, the greater the chance of success you will face in the illusion of time. For instead of projecting the guilt of sin, you will extend love in all its beauty and it is this love within you that will offer you the goodness of grace and all the terrific trimmings it comes with: abundance, success, peace, joy, trust, and of course, love. Perfect Love.  

If you are ready to let go of the old marketing tricks that seek to push another into your business, by manipulation and control then you have come to the right place. 

Not only will you be taught to remove the shadows of sin that seek for ways to punish, but you will learn to listen to the inner voice that will build your dream, instead of your nightmare. You will build your business upon the rock of Perfect Love and bless all those around you, instead of burden. 

Every shadow that comes to destroy, I will teach you how to turn it into your delight. This will guide you back to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self and offer you the chance to live the happy dream, instead of the nightmare of separation. 

Truforgiveness Business will offer you the path that I walked to make my own impossible dream possible.  

Are you ready to build upon love, Perfect Love? To build your work or career in ways that bless everyone, and to be truly helpful by undoing ego-identification and return thinking to the right mind of peace and love? 

This is how I have built my business, by undoing every shadow that came to harm and allowed me to truly heal as I found my truth of wholeness, not separateness. This provided me access to the power of God that is successful indeed. I have built my business upon the solid foundation of Perfect Love. And I will continue to undo fear to remember love, in order to keep my business baby beautiful. 

If you want to be successful in work, career, or your own business, 'forgive within' every obstacle in your way. This undoes the barriers to the truth of love within that grants the happy dream you so wish to make. This is how I built myself up from being broken on the floor to living the life of my dreams. If I can do it from where I fell, you can do it as well!

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