Everything is figureoutable

This is where it started for me. You see, I had ideas of writing a book to put my work out into the world and continuing to sit inside the house and hide. Yet, it seemed this was not to be the plan for me. One morning I woke from my deep slumber screaming out loud, "B-School, B-School, B-School." Whilst I had heard of it, I did not know much about it. Within a few days, I had enrolled in Marie Forleo's business school that teaches you to offer your special gifts to the world & be paid to do it. 

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Whilst I can offer you my business treasure maps that I utilized to remove each perceived problem that was in my way - from self-doubt to stalled sales and financial fear to marketing mayhem - B-School will offer you a roadmap to launch your business idea to the world. Besides, it comes with a private Facebook group that gives cushioning and comfort, as well as friends that you can lean on. 

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What It Does

Clarify your goals, define your business vision, leverage your strengths, increase sales & profits, prioritize your time, create a brand, have raving customers, charge what you are worth, maximize social impact & understand the best marketing strategies.

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What It Offers

A private Facebook group that is filled with thousands of people that are set to do what they love & be paid well to do it. This group is simply amazing! Whilst the course it is set as an online 8-week course, you go at your own pace. However, it will get your business up & running.

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What It Means

There is no glass ceiling with Miss Marie. In fact, she has authored a book that is called 'Everything is Figureoutable.' And it means that you will have the support to build a business that is deserving of the happy dream, which is where you are headed with Truforgiveness.

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What can I say, other than, God guided me to do this course.

As I began to make my way out of my decade of hibernation, which was a spiritual surrender that saw me undo ego-identification to find the truth of the perfect, peaceful, powerful Self that is who we all are, I had the map to miracles that offered true healing. Incredible. Amazing. Miracles.

I knew I had to share it with others and as I still wanted to hide, I thought publishing was the right path I would take. I could guide the way God teaches Forgiveness, that makes miracles happen, and I could stay hidden where I had become accustomed. 

Only, God had other plans.

I had already been introduced, by divine intervention, I might add, to a major player in the publishing industry. He was walking past me one morning and suddenly, this voice, that did not seem to be my own spoke. I told him that he looked like someone famous. He simply replied, "That is because I am he."

The next thing I knew, I was jumping around him telling him that he was my publisher, only he didn't know it. But that I did. To be honest, this was news to me as well. We stayed in touch and he offered me some help with navigating the publishing world. What I learned early on was that in order to get this publishing deal, unless I wanted to self-publish, I needed a platform! Which I had no idea of how I could get. 

You have to get yourself out into the world to share your message!

So, how did I overcome this problem, I have just continued to 'forgive within' until the picture changed. And, it took years. But, I have been vigilant for it. Knowing a simple mind-correction from fear to love would offer me my dream instead of nightmare. It becomes much easier.

Then, I woke up one morning early from a dream repeating out loud, "B-School, B-School, B-School." I am not in the habit of speaking when asleep. 

I knew it was a sign and I had a quick look at it (I didn't follow much about Marie Forleo, for I follow God), yet I signed up soon later.

I have never looked back. 

Honesty, it was the next step of my journey. It was a few years ago now that I enrolled in B-School which is an 8-week online course that runs you through the keys you need to successfully create, market & sell online. 

To stay updated with what is happening in B-School, simply subscribe below and when the next round opens, I will let you know. 

There is an intake around February of each year and a beautiful spiritual Facebook group that will nourish & support your business dreams. 

"B-School, B-School, B-School." It's where my business dreams began to take form.


Stay Informed About B-School & When It Is Next Launching

If you are interested in learning more about B-School, sign up below and I will keep you informed when the next intake is.

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