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Clean Within

business success true healing true prayers website Jul 26, 2021
Clean up your work from within, by truly forgiving it

I woke this morning with my website being in disarray. I had been having issues with the videos not appearing on my pages for the last few weeks. I finally contacted support and was told that the pages needed to be updated and they would happily do this for me. The downside would be that I had no access to my site for 24-hours. After a few moments, I agreed to the good help.

As I went to sleep last night I was thinking about how much my life has improved and how great it is to have some nice help these days. However, when I got up in the morning, there were doubled up pages with URLs pointing to the outdated data and I had lost my custom coding for the fonts. Once again, I was looking for help, which I beautifully did receive. Although, I would need to go over each of the newly created pages and change the coding for the fonts once more and confirm that my links were now pointing to the new pages, as they were still guided to the old ones.

It is a big task at hand. It will most likely take me half of the day to complete this work. The old me, the one before the miracle of Truforgiveness would have complained and shuffled their feet. Yet now, I have learned what everything is truly for. It is glaringly obvious. I need to clean within the pages of this website before it moves out into consciousness. And so, I am going to do today what I teach you to do.

What the ego deems to be a problem, is what God is asking you to truly forgive to clean from within. To withdraw the darkness that disappoints to become delighted in the goodness of grace that is hidden from your awareness. Find what you want within and you shall have it without! This is spiritual law.

If you need to clean up your website, or the pages, mentally clean them from within. For example, as you work you might repeat, 'I forgive God for improving my website,' or 'I forgive the need to not love my site,' or 'I forgive the goodness of traffic that visits my work.' Listen to the inner voice and see what is being asked to be cleaned from within with what you do and by doing this you shall know love, not be punished by the dark layers of sin, guilt, and fear. Even if you do not have your own business or website, you can still apply this to your work. Whenever you are faced with a problem be mentally forgiving it. Do not sit in suffering, silently forgive within as you work without and you will find your way through the darkness earlier and easier.

As I check each link on every page and update the coding, instead of being stuck in mindless wander, I will be mentally drawing up my treasure maps, to clean the pages as I go. This allows the truth of Perfect Love to extend outwards and connect with the audience. If you extend the truth of Perfect Love, you cannot be denied, for Oneness cannot know lack, limitation, or lovelessness.

Do not allow the ego to steer your ship. Truly forgive every obstacle that comes your way. Instead of being taken under with the weight of worry, you will utilize each stone of suffering as a chance to truly heal, to build your bridge to sameness that is perfectly whole.

Mentally clean within every job, work, career, or business problem that you face, and slowly but gently you will be ushered into the happy dream that is here for the innocent Mind.

Today shall become a day of mentally cleaning up my website. If you are here reading this, it means that my Truforgiveness proved successful.

Enjoy what is ahead of you on this day, by truly forgiving every barrier to the awareness of love's presence.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx

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